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Enjoy Impeccable Style With Zline Kitchen

ZLINE is the first brand in the industry to manufacture range hoods with a lifetime motor warranty. They design their products with a strong focus on functionality and priority. With ZLINE Kitchens, you can rest assured that there will never be a compromise between style and performance. These products are sure to enhance the space that means the most to you – your kitchen.

At ChefPro Appliances, we sell a wide range of ZLINE appliances at prices that are attractive and affordable. We bring you the ultimate luxury kitchen experience, enabling you to display more of your professional cooking on the table.

Ranges, Rangetops, and Cooktops

ZLINE lets you master every culinary dish with ease and confidence. The Professional Freestanding Ranges allow you to enjoy ultimate personalization and industry-leading performance so that you can impress every guest.

The quality Italian burners and durable Cast Iron Grills on Zline Professional Rangetops let you improve your kitchen’s performance and ignite your culinary skills. With the luxurious performance and unparalleled precision cooking of ZLINE’S Professional Dropin Cooktops, you can achieve perfection in every dish.

Zline Kitchens Appliances

Wall Ovens

ZLINE Kitchen offer both Single Wall and Double Wall Ovens. These ovens help you achieve optimal results with the many standard and convection cooking modes. You can choose to prepare your dishes using modes like Convection Bake, Convection Broil, Convection Roast, Standard Broil, and Standard Bake. Leveraging the benefits of professional and powerful convection cooking, you can enjoy precise, even heating for all your homemade meals.

Range Hoods

ZLINE range hoods bring innovative features like built-in LED lighting, a quiet yet powerful motor, and dishwasher-safe baffle filters. The motor is powerful enough to eliminate all grease and smoke. You can explore the range of ZLINE range hoods on our website, available in different finishes, including stainless steel, black stainless steel, Durasnow® stainless steel, copper, and wood. Depending on the layout of your kitchen, you can choose from different mounting options, such as wall, island, inserts, and under-cabinet.

Washing Machines By ZLine


If it is time to enhance your cooking experience and elevate your kitchen style, try the range of ZLINE Microwaves. Whether you like a wall oven, an over-the-range microwave, or a microwave drawer, we have got you covered. The units are also available in the black stainless steel finish to not only make your kitchen functional but also add an aesthetic and classy appeal to it.


Purchasing a ZLINE Professional Dishwasher means that you are ready to enjoy professional quality, high performance, and energy efficiency. The appliance is fully customizable to compliment your perfect kitchen. It has a large capacity with sleek, hidden controls. Its advanced technology ensures that you experience the most efficient and precise clean on every use.

The EcoWash technology helps the appliance to determine a cycle depending on the load size and soil level. This cycle is the most environmentally conscious solution and reduces water consumption.

Experience the Expansive Catalog of ZLINE Kitchen

The unmatched quality and impeccable style of ZLINE Kitchen appliances are sure to impress every homeowner and make their kitchen chores convenient. We help you discover their collection and bring home a perfect blend of luxury, performance, and style in your kitchen.

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