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Signature Kitchen Suite appliances are the perfect blend of precision, innovation, and purposeful design. They are well-suited for every kitchen and appetite.


Signature Kitchen Suite refrigerators preserve the integrity of your fresh food, caring for it in the best possible ways. With much innovation and engineering into the preservation of fresh food, the products are beautifully built and intelligently designed. You can choose from integrated column refrigerators, french door refrigerators, integrated column freezers, and integrated column wine refrigerators.


The Signature Kitchen Suite ventilation hood enables you to prepare your one-of-a-kind kitchen. Its aesthetic look includes clean, elegant lines, a stainless-steel finish, and a LED light display. With that, it is sure to suit and complement all your other appliances.
Depending on the size of your kitchen and your requirement, you can choose between a 48-inch wall hood and a 36-inch wall hood.

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Signature Kitchen Suite combines power, versatility, and precision to ensure that what you make on the ranges turns out delicious. The ranges offer induction, a Chromium Griddle, and Ultra-High™ and Ultra-Low™ burners.
What’s more, you can benefit from the incredible accuracy of the built-in sous vide in the market. Discover the range to choose your 36-inch or 48-inch gas range with four or six burners.


The range tops by Signature Kitchen Suite provide unmatched precision and flexibility. With a Chromium Griddle, high and low burners, and two-zone induction, you can easily prepare meals just as you like them. The built-in sous vide ensures that you no longer have the mess of an overcooked steak.
You can arrive at a precise temperature within 1-degree of setpoint without using a circulator because of a magnetically sealed lid. As a result, you can enjoy professional-style results every time, retaining the full, true flavor of foods with their real nutrients and vitamins.

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Good cooking requires precise, fast, and intense heat. The cooktops come with modern designs and intelligent technology, such as RapidHeat™ Burners that deliver powerful heating. The product line includes gas cooktops and an induction cooktop.

Wall Ovens

Signature Kitchen Suite appliances also include built-in single and double wall ovens. These ovens deliver the perfect combination of explicit performance and modern style. The ProHeat™ Convection features are suitable for achieving incredible quality cooking results. The standard wall oven size is 30-inches.


The microwaves come with nothing but modern design and modern technology. Their innovative design makes it easier for you to cook meals by offering multiple settings that match your cooking requirements. These include convection, Auto Cook, and Sensor-Cook.

Some of the other features, such as WiFi-enabled technology and Stainless Touch control panel, make control easy. Keeping the design of your kitchen in mind, you can either go for a microwave oven drawer, over-the-range microwave, or a countertop microwave oven.

Signature Kitchen Suite Appliances

About Signature Kitchen Suite

Signature Kitchen Suite is committed to designing and producing the best built-in appliances in the industry with cutting-edge technology. These appliances are sure to give you the flexibility to prepare your meals in the best possible way.

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