Vacuum Seal Drawer, 30"

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Complementary DesignDesigned to match the Fisher & Paykel family of appliances, the Vacuum Seal Drawer is the ideal companion product for our Contemporary style ovens.

Three Levels of Vacuum and Heat SealingVacuum seal food to intensify flavors, infuse marinades and retain freshness. Effortlessly prepare food for sous vide cooking in optimal conditions.

Fresher Food for LongerVacuum sealing creates ideal conditions for longer food shelf life and storage. Lack of air exposure hinders the growth of bacteria and mold, preventing freezer burn and protecting your food.

Easy to UseThis Vacuum Seal Drawer is handle-free, push-to-open for effortless loading and operating. The touch controls are responsive and intuitive for ease of use.

Easy to CleanThe stainless steel interior can be wiped down with a damp cloth, while anti-fingerprint coating protects the stainless steel door panel from water, oil, dust, and fingerprints.

Reduce Food WasteOur Vacuum Seal drawers extend the lifespan of food by removing excess air, which is the prime reason for spoilage. Vacuum sealing allows you to buy food in bulk and safely seal it for longer shelf life. Our food-grade, BPA-free bags are an excellent storage option — these can be re-used if sealed and cut appropriately.


  • Audio feedback
  • Intuitive capacitive touch
  • Maintenance and moisture
  • Push-to-open drawer
  • Standby mode


  • External vacuuming
  • Prepare food for sous-vide
  • Pump power 150W
  • Pump pressure: 10 bar
  • Vacuum levels: 3
  • Vacuum sealing levels: 3 


    101116 "
    291516 "
    2212 "


    External vacuuming accessory kit Adapter, stopper and tube
    Large size BPA-free vacuum seal bags 50 bags, Part 793034
    Small size BPA-free vacuum seal bags 50 bags, Part 793033


    Maximum vacuum seal bag size 9 716" x 13 34"
    Storage drawer
    Usable capacity 0.3cu ft
    Usable height 3 38"


    Easy clean glass lid
    Easy clean stainless steel interior
    Removable sealing bar and cover


    Audio feedback
    Electronic capacitive touch controls
    Maintenance and moisture indicator
    Push-to-open drawer
    Standby mode


    External vacuuming
    Prepare food for sous-vide cooking
    Pump power 150
    Pump pressure 10Bar
    Vacuum levels 3
    Vacuum sealing levels 3


    Amperage 10A
    Power outlet 3-prong grounding-type
    Supply frequency 60Hz
    Supply voltage 110V


    Adjustable front door panel to align with surrounding cabinetry
    Depth 22 12"
    Height 10 1116"
    Width 29 1516"


    BPA-free vacuum seal bags 100 bags included
    Full extension slides


    Parts and labor 2 years


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