30 Inch Single French Door Gas Wall Oven with 25,000 BTU Burner, True European Convection, Manual Clean, 3 Oven Racks and Dual Halogen Lights

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30 Inch Single French Door Gas Wall Oven with 25,000 BTU Burner
Baking has never been easier with this BlueStar Gas Wall Oven. The powerful 25,000 BTU burner quickly heats up the oven, and it comes equipped with a True European Convection system for more evenly baked goods. It can also accommodate full size 18" x 26" commercial baking sheets, and it has three oven racks for optimal baking.

About BlueStar
Since 1880, BlueStar has committed to producing the finest cooking equipment available. Originally a manufacturer of high-powered commercial ranges, today BlueStar markets exclusively to the residential market. BlueStar acquired its name from the shape and color of its open burner flame. Their products are hand assembled in Reading, Pennsylvania. BlueStar ranges provide up to 22,000 BTUs of cooking power for consistent, controlled heat and shorter cooking times. And for delicate soups and sauces, no stove matches BlueStar's gentle simmer. Heavy-duty construction combined with innovative features produce an appliance of uncompromising durability, functionality and beauty that will be the focal point of your kitchen for years to come. If you love to cook, you deserve a hand-crafted BlueStar range.

BlueStar's newest product, the gas wall oven, was previewed at the national KBIS convention in May 2007 to much fanfare. The ovens are expected to be available to the public in winter 2007/2008. The 24" oven features a swing door, while the 30" and 36" ovens feature easy-to-use French doors, providing a unique look and simple functionality. All sizes are available in single and double oven versions, as well as 190 different colors. Each oven contains a powerful 30,000 BTU burner and a 15,000 ceramic infrared broiler. Powerful gas oven performance combined with the striking style of French Doors and a choice of 190 different colors. There's nothing else like it.

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