30 Inch Built-In Column Refrigerator with 17.44 cu. ft. Capacity, Advanced Temperature Control, Flush Installation, LED Lighting, Slide-Out Tray, Crisper Drawers, Shopping Mode and Sabbath Mode

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30 Inch Built-In Column Refrigerator with 17.44 cu. ft. Capacity
BlueStar's Columns Line has been designed to offer exceptional food preservation, maximum storage & unmatched options for kitchen design and flexibility. Leading the industry in capacity, it's perfect for stocking up all your favorites from ingredients to left-overs. Featuring soft-close technology, three extra-large drawers provide near limitless storage for everything from meats and cheeses to fruits and vegetables. This commercial-style design is built to last and pairs well with any pro-style kitchen appliance. And with the choice of panel ready, stainless steel, 1,000+ colors and 10 metal trims, you can customize your columns to fit your own personal style. These integrated columns are perfect for every home kitchen.

About BlueStar
With over 130 years of experience making cooking equipment, and as the leading manufacturer of high-performance commercial-style ranges for the home, it is no surprise that BlueStar makes the finest residential ranges available. The unparalleled accuracy of gas surface cooking and the versatility found in the baking and roasting qualities of their convection oven make this an unsurpassed addition to every cook's favorite room in the house.

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