15 Inch Automatic Under Counter Ice Maker with 26 lbs - DCE33PA1SSD

Sale price$2,719.00


Comes with Built-In Drain Pump
15" Cabinet Width
  • Produces up to 30 Lbs. of gourmet ice in 24 hours. Stores up to 26 Lbs.
Gourmet Ice
  • Large, slow-melting ice form, ideal for mixed drinks.
Won't Dilute the Flavor of Drinks
  • Uniquely-shaped, crystal clear, slow-melting, taste-free and odorless ice.
Maintains ideal bin capacity with automatic shut-off and restart.
Accepts custom wood panels to match your decor.
Complements the Scotsman Refrigerator and Wine Storage Unit.


Bin Storage Capacity:  
26 Lbs.
Electrical Requirements:  
115V; 60Hz; 15A
Gourmet Ice:  
Operating Requirements
Air Temperatures:  
50°F Minimum; 100°F Maximum
Water Temperatures:  
40°F Minimum; 100°F Maximum
Water Pressures:  
14 PSIG; 70 PSIG
Electrical Voltage:  
-10% Minimum; +10% Maximum
Parts Warranty:  
1 Year
Labor Warranty:  
1 Year
Compressor Only:  
5 Years
Dimensions and Weight
Product Width (without Legs):  
Product Depth (without Legs):  
22 4/5"
Product Height (without Legs):  
33 4/5"
Shipping Weight:  
83 Lbs.

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