SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE 24″ Integrated Column Refrigerator

SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE 24" Integrated Column Refrigerator



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Signature Kitchens advanced engineering and purposeful design ensure the Signature Kitchen Suite 24-inch Integrated Column Refrigerator offers the ingenious features that fresh food needs while also providing the extra capacity you want.

As the love of good food grows, so grows the need for space. Fortunately, the 24-inch Integrated Column Refrigerator is brilliantly engineered to provide the largest capacity column in the industry featuring 13.9 cu. ft. of storage capacity.

Food deserves to stay fresh as long as possible through optimum temperature. Ingenious features like a linear compressor and engineered all-metal interior help to minimize temperature fluctuations within 1-degree to maintain food freshness. Brilliantly engineered to help you do your part in the battle against food waste.

The Signature Kitchen Suite 24-inch Integrated Column Refrigerator features an intelligent, symmetrical design that allows for proud or flush installation, along with easy door reversal.

The internal water dispenser delivers chilled and filtered drinking water with a simple touch. The dispenser is conveniently tucked inside to not interfere with your clean exterior design of the door.

We’re dedicated to purposeful design with features like Lift and Go™ Bins and Drawers offering one of the most versatile interiors in the industry. A movable snack drawer creates a customizable space perfect for extra-large serving platters. And LED Signature Lighting is hidden away and focused on the food, not shining in your eyes.


  • 24-inch Integrated Column Refrigerator
  • Largest capacity in the industry
  • Precise preservation
  • Signature Fit integrated design
  • Internal water dispenser
  • Purposeful design
SIGNATURE KITCHEN SUITE 24″ Integrated Column Refrigerator






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