Speed Queen DR7 Sanitizing Electric Dryer with Pet Plus™ 7 cu. f 27 Inch Over-dry Protection Technology (DR7004WE)



200 in stock

200 in stock


Speed Queen DR7 Sanitizing Electric Dryer with 7 cu. ft. of drying capacity and comes with reversible doors for flexible configuration. It is equipped with a drum light and also features an up-front lint filter, 10 preset cycles, 4 automatic dry cycles, and 4 temperature selections.

Pet Plus

Pets are family. Our special pet cycles, including pet hair removal, ensure their items and yours get the best care possible. Speed Queen’s Pet Plus cycles offer consumers a highly effective solution for removing hair and keeping all items looking and smelling great. We’ve put these cycles to the test in animal shelters, service dog facilities, and the most challenging, a Great Pyrenees rescue. Bottom line: these cycles are delivered in pilot testing in commercial environments and they will be for you as well. 

Steam Refresh

When you need to get out the door fast and look and smell good, a steam refresh is just the ticket. Wrinkles, be gone! 

Worst parts of doing laundry? Folding and ironing. Well, our steam feature can help you with half of that. Our DR7 model leverages the power of steam and offers a variety of life-simplifying features. From a steam refresh to get you out the door fast in a shirt that looks and smells good, to static reduction (toss those dryer sheets in the garbage) to steam boost and steam sanitize, we’ve got so many challenges met. As for the folding…well, at least you won’t find socks stuck to things when you’re doing it…you know, because of the no-static thing.

Steam Boost

Goodbye, wrinkles. So long static. Steam boost turns your dryer into much more than a tool for removing moisture from loads.


It’s tough to look good with a sock sticking to your shirt. Our anti-static feature will help keep you from that all-too-common embarrassing moment.


We’re all concerned about achieving a higher level of cleaning. With steam sanitize, you’ll have another tool to drive to that goal by killing bacteria.

The highest level of cleanliness has never been more important. We have made this a priority. So, our highest level of cleaning starts with the temperature in the washer. When you want “hot,” you get exactly that – a hot water wash. Other manufacturers might still mix water for a “hot” wash. Speed Queen gives you a true hot water wash – as hot as it comes out of your water heater – because we know hot temps are the best line of defense in killing bacteria. We take it even further by giving you a sanitized cycle on the dryer and a steam sanitize (DR7 model).

ENERGY STAR® Certified

Get quality drying results, exceptional features and now, the efficiency you want – all from the leader in commercial quality and reliability.

Over-dry Protection Technology

Over-drying your favorite clothes and linens wears them out faster. With our Over-Dry Protection Technology and Commercial Cool-Down Technology, we’ll take good care of your favorite outfit.

We get it, there’s nothing more annoying than opening the dryer door and finding the load isn’t dry. That’s why for years, many of us have dried to the maximum time to head off that scenario. The problem is that over-drying is not good for your laundry. With our Over-Dry Protection feature, we take all we’ve learned on the commercial side and apply it to our Consumer model. That means drying to a set level and then deploying our commercial cooldown technology. Bottom line: better care for your clothes and linens, thereby extending their lives.

Extended Tumble

Is there anything worse than setting wrinkles in items after forgetting them in the dryer? Extended tumble provides a wrinkles safety net.

Reversible Door

Do you want to install flexibility? Our dryer’s reversible door helps you streamline your laundry room setup.

7 Year Warranty

All Parts & In-Home Labor


Dryer Cyclinder Galvanized
Heat Source Electric 5350 W
Heavy-Duty Fan 220 CFM
ADA Compliant YES
Exterior Durable 3-coat Finish
Color White
End-of-Cycle Signal YES
Motor 1/3 HP
Multiple Vent Options YES
Door Hinge Location Reversible


Preset Cycles 10
Temperature Selections 4
Sanitize Steam Sanitize
Time Remaining Display YES
Favorite Cycles YES
Speed Cycle YES
Delay Start NO
Pet Plus™ Cycles YES
Steam Refresh YES
Steam Boost YES
Anti-Static YES
Extended Tumble YES
Moisture Sensor YES
Adaptive Cool-Down Technology YES
Eco Dry YES
Cylinder Light YES
Reversible Door YES
Up-Front Lint Filter YES


Capacity 7 cu. ft.
Exterior Width 27″
Width 26-7/8″
Height 42-3/4″
Depth 28″
Work Surface Height 36″
Depth with Door Open 51 1/2″
Shipping Weight 136


Lint Filter Guard Included
Drying Rack Not Included


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