FISHER PAYKEL Combination Steam Oven, 24″, 23 Function

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24″ Combination Steam Oven

The flagship appliance within their range, their Combination Steam Oven is designed to fit seamlessly into any kitchen. An intricate balance of full steam and steam assist functionality at a range of temperatures, to ensure perfect results. Accurate and gentle enough to respect even the most delicate ingredients, this oven masters the art of steam cooking. Beautiful to use, the touchscreen interface provides simple and intuitive guided cooking.

Design Freedom

Every detail has been carefully crafted from the finest materials to support a considered kitchen design. With a subtle black finish, this Minimal Style oven blends seamlessly, enhancing your kitchen design without dominating it. It’s understated and elegant, whether on its own or part of a matching appliance set. Pair with a Vacuum Seal Drawer for the ultimate kitchen solution. Pair with a Vacuum Seal Drawer for the ultimate kitchen solution.

From Steam to Soud Vide 

Fine amounts of steam are released with accuracy and precision at a range of temperatures, to ensure food is cooked gently and evenly. Perfect for entertaining, you can sous vide proteins such as steak and salmon before guests arrive, and simply sear when ready to serve. The flexibility of timing and accuracy of temperature control ensure perfect, predictable results every time.

Gentle and Healthy

Steam functions allow you to cook food in its own juices to retain nutrients, moisture and flavor. With five steam-only cooking functions including Sous Vide, plus four combi-steam functions, this oven lets you enjoy the benefits of flavorful and healthy restaurant-quality meals at home.

Multi-Function Flexibility

A truly multiple function oven where both steam-only and convection-only cooking mediums can stand on their own merits. You have the freedom to choose – whether it’s dry heat or moist heat, or a combination of the two – each delivering different cooking results. A food probe precisely monitors cooking in real time, giving you complete control.

Cook with Confidence

Using the intuitive touchscreen interface, you can cook with a favorite method, a hero ingredient, or a go-to cooking function or recipe. Your oven will guide you through steps, or change temperature and heat type automatically, depending on your selection.

Reheat and Restore

Reduce household food waste by reheating foods with steam, which helps to regenerate moisture levels and ensure meals come out fresh and delicious. Use Steam Regenerate to reheat leftover meals such as roast and risotto, while Crisp Regenerate is perfect for refreshing pastries, bread and pizza.

Extentional Convection Performance

AeroTech™ circulates heat evenly for a consistent temperature throughout the cavity, while ActiveVent technology ensures optimized moisture levels when using convection functions. Achieve perfect results even when you’re using multiple shelves.

Additional Features: 

  • Styled to perfectly match their Contemporary and Minimal kitchen appliances
  • Perfect results from solo steam, convection heat, broil, or a combination of steam and convection heat functions
  • True temperature precision with three levels of steam with convection to seal natural flavors
  • Moisture control and even heat distribution thanks to ActiveVent and AeroTech™ technology
  • High-resolution, easy-to-use touchscreen with guided cooking and recipes
  • Quality materials and detailing to support a cohesive, considered kitchen design
  • Generous capacity with six shelf positions
  • Easy-access and refillable 50 fl oz water tank
  • CoolTouch door
  • Soft open-and-close door




    Broil grid 1
    Broil pan 1
    Broil rack 1
    Descale solution 2 sachets, Part 580925
    Food probe 1
    Full extension sliding shelves 2 sets
    Large solid dish 1
    Perforated large pan 1
    Perforated sheet 1
    Perforated small pan 1



    Shelf positions 6
    Total capacity 3cu ft
    Usable capacity 2.5cu ft



    Acid resistant graphite enamel
    Descale cycle
    Drying cycle
    Removable oven door
    Removable oven door inner glass
    Removable shelf runners
    Steam clean (oven)



    Adjustable audio and display settings
    Automatic cooking/minute timer
    Automatic pre-set temperatures
    Celsius/Fahrenheit temperature
    Electronic clock
    Electronic oven control
    Food probe
    Guided cooking by food type and recipes
    Intuitive touchscreen display
    Multi-language display UK English, US English, Simplified Chinese, Français, Español
    Precise electronic temperature control
    Sabbath mode
    Wi-Fi connectivity



    Aero Bake
    Aero Broil
    Air fry
    Classic bake
    Crisp regenerate
    Number of functions 23
    Pastry Bake
    Pizza bake
    Slow cook
    Sous vide
    Steam clean (oven)
    Steam defrost
    Steam proof
    Steam regenerate
    True Aero
    True Aero + High steam
    True Aero + Low steam
    True Aero + Medium steam
    Vent bake



    ActiveVent™ system
    AeroTech™ technology
    Automatic rapid pre-heat
    Broil power 3000W
    Broil width 15
    Temperature range 95°F –450°F
    Whisper quiet cooking



    Amperage 16.6 – 19.4A
    Supply voltage 208 – 240V



    Depth 22 14
    Height 23 916
    Width 23 716



    ADA compliant
    Advanced cooling system
    Balanced oven door
    Catalytic venting system
    Control panel key lock
    CoolTouch door
    Non-tip shelves

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