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Bertazzoni Brings Performance And Design To Luxury Cooking

Bertazzoni manufactures fine kitchen appliances and has been sharpening its skills since 1882. The appliances are not only durable but also function and look beautiful. At our store, you can explore the wide product collection of Bertazzoni appliances and make your kitchen stand out. The technology and features of these appliances give you the benefit of precision cooking so that you only bring delicious meals to the family table.

The ranges are made by molding single sheets of stainless steel. Their design includes soft-close door hinges that require the use of only one hand. The triple-glazed insulation reduces heat loss. Precision extends to the signature dual-control power burners, electric fans, and ignition systems to ensure that you enjoy balanced heat and airflow.

Apart from the use of traditional steel, the design and look of Bertazzoni appliances flaunts a spectrum of hues, such as red, orange, and cream. These colors are popular in household interiors and compliment the place you love the most – your kitchen.

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Bertazzoni’s Professional Series is not finished with an automated powder coating. It is painted by skilled craftspeople who apply the paint before sealing it with gloss lacquer. The final product has a smooth, well-protected surface. Such effort gives you the highest degree of color richness, depth, and light reflection, just like the finish of a sports car.

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Bertazzoni appliances

Bertazzoni appliances come in four different series. These include:

Professional Series

The Professional Series is beautifully designed and offers best-in-category flexibility, usability, and capacity. It delivers professional performance for your kitchen. Adorned with distinctive style features, it has ergonomically designed handles, sophisticated finishes, and elegant knobs. The choice of technology makes the series flexible and versatile. When it comes to styling, the products offer an excitingly elegant and clean look to balance and complement the other appliances in your kitchen.

Modern Series

The Modern Series adds a fresh and contemporary elegance to your kitchen. It combines glass and precious metals, developed using several years of knowledge and passion. Offering a rich as well as sophisticated style, the series is current and timeless. It has a full-touch display that gives it remarkable flexibility in selecting cooking modes.

Master Series

The Master Series provides integrated vision, beautiful efficiency, and practical elegance. There are several qualities that you can expect from Bertazonni, and when it comes to the Master Series, you can expect the best of a commercial kitchen-inspired style. The appliances are supremely practical and exceptionally good-looking. It has a sophisticated color palette that adds an element of art to your kitchen.

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Heritage Series

The aesthetics of the Heritage Series take inspiration from the original Bertazzoni stoves engineered by Napoleone Bertazonni at the beginning of the 20th Century. The series is designed to high standards and enjoys state-of-the-art technology. The controls of the ranges depend on rounded chrome knobs that are comfortable and familiar to use. The Heritage Series is the perfect way to add a large variety of cooking appliances into your kitchen with a welcoming and attractive traditional look.

At ChefPro Appliances, you can find refrigerators, dishwashers, ventilation systems, built-in ovens, cooktops, as well as a large variety of cookers from each of these series.

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